See how wastewater treatment helps keep our oceans pure for those who call it home.

Spiral Ramp LQ-R Hydrocyclone

ESI's State Of The Art DeOiling Hydrocyclone

  • Tests at a major University show that ESI's new Spiral Ramp LQ-R's design can improve the efficiency of hydrocyclones by as much as 50% (see graph).
  • Converts pressure energy to internal centrifugal energy
  • Geometry creates vortex to enhance gravity
  • Oil droplets coalesce in central code (> 5-20 microns)
  • Insensitive to motion or surges No moving parts
  • Light Weight
  • Unaffected by Motion
  • No chemicals or power (if high enough pressure)
  • Small oily reject stream (2% of inlet flow)
  • Compact Design