Energy Specialties International

As the inventors of the SkimPile®, ESI has always been focused on the development of new technology. With the addition of a Research and Development Facility, ESI has worked to develop new, innovative technology to push the oil/water separation industry even further. From our industry-leading Flotation Pile® and patented Hydrocyclone Spiral Ramp LQ-R®, to the micro-bubble producing radial eductor used in flotation systems, ESI has pioneered a distinct path in oil/water separation.
ESI’s vast network provides customers with expediting and logistical options for every project.
With the addition of ESI’s ISO 9001 Certification certified by ABS, quality has become an integral part of every level in the company. Documented quality standards and controls have increased the value of projects to our customers and end-users. Quality is a core value for all departments.

ESI has continued to expand its operations to include a network of business relationships across the globe. This has resulted in the ability to provide customers with personalized package designs. At all levels of separation, whether Pretreatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, or Disposal, ESI can design a proper solution that will meet all governmental requirements and satisfy the toughest Operational Team’s needs.